Monday, January 29, 2007

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


After a 3 months visit to EJ, my youngest son, I am sad that I am leaving him in LA and I am happy to see my grandchildren in the Philippines again and I have so many Happy experiences that will remain with me visiting so many interesting places :

Utah, San Francisco, San Diego and San Jose:

1. Utah -

Brian Break Cedar City Skii Mountain
I was invited by my sister Mel and brother-in-law, Willie together with Denise,
Rodney and the "pogi" apo Nicholas. We went "snowboarding" so i had to pull Mel and then she had to pull me inside the board with string. Another exciting thing that happened is that the next day there's snow falling outside so we opened our mouth lying down on the ground to
catch the snow falling from above.
Please view the photos in this blog and enjoy the experience with me.

2. San Francisco -

We went to Alcatraz (Famous Penetentiary). It is situated at the middle
of an island. It is now a tourist attraction since it was closed. We had to go there by boat and
had to reserve a ticket because it was always fully booked.Please view the photos in this blog and enjoy the experience.

Golden Gate
We are impressed at the construction of the bridge. We went to Fishermann's Warf to try
their Clam Chowder. It is soooo good. Then, we fed the birds around. It's a different experience
and an enlightening one because i am not reading about it, i actually was there.

3. San Jose-

San Jose City
We visited Ed's first cousin Ron and his wife, they were very hospitable and accomodating
and gave us a lot of gifts. They went with us to the Golden Gate and brought us to the fishermann's warf.

I visited my kumare and kumpare, Gani and Girlie Katindig, Girlie is the mom of Eda's
classmate 25 years ago at San Agustin in Makati and the goood news is that my godson,
Engelbert is the "Mr. Pogi USA 2005". Mana sa ninang kasi.

4. San Diego-

San Diego, Holloween
We rented a van to spend the Holloween at my sister Mel's house. I was one of the judges
for the "Best Costume" . The categories and winners are:

Original- EJ as "Chinese Zombie with no front teeth "
wearing a blue chinese get-up, the face painted white and
wearing a crooked false teeth.

Best Couple- Bap and Rocky as "Spiritual Masters of the 21st Century"
wearing all white with a white shawl and Buddhist beads.

Funniest- Tess ( sister of my brother-in-law, Willie ) and the Husband
wearing a naked man and woman's get up inside and covered with a long trench coat.

Scariest- Manny ( brother of my brother-in-law, Willie )
wearing a black get-up and a scarey mask.

Sta. Barbara
We went to Sta Barbara and eat at the beach with a breathtaking view.

Solvang (Dutch Town), CA
We went to buy some great tasting cheese and butter cookies. I felt like I was in Denmark.
Most products are expensive but the dill flavored cheese is great

Sea World
We went to Sea World and watched the whale and sea lion show. We sat at the upper portion of the watching deck so we wont get wet. Children normally sit at the lower portion and get wet from the water spilling out of the pool that comes out of the whale shaking while swimming in the water.